such sweet nostalgia

by john valyrakis

artist / illustrator

Stories stirred with nostalgia of childhood memories, movies, love and laughter. So simple and yet so familiar, able to awaken the feeling that we had when, as kids, we would wait for Saturday night to come, to crawl to grandma’s couch, get a blanket and turn the TV on. Then, the phrases and all the peculiar grimaces the protagonists used, would be imitated, repeated by us and slowly become part of our childhood, our memories, and everything that make us, us.

02 / have you heard? /

back in the day, everybody thought that telephones were meant to bring people closer, make things simpler. truth is, the worst distance between two people is misunderstanding.

Price /

35 euros

100% natural cotton handmade screen-printing ecologically water-based inks designed & fabricated in Greece

Inclusive our
re‑usable tee box

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